With the health benefits generously given by magnetic bracelets, they are now considered as the hottest thing to hit the accessories business. Since they vary in styles and their designs address a wide range of different personal tastes, it is no wonder that they lord it over an industry dictated by fashion and beauty.

Magnetic bracelets can be worn by both men and women. The popularity they enjoy can be rooted in the trust people have nowadays on alternative medicine. As a by product of magnetic therapy, the wearing of magnetic bracelets and other pieces of magnetic jewellery is considered safe as per statement of the Magnetic Therapy Council (MTC) that, “there are no known side effects to using medical magnetic treatments.

Such statement does not dispel personal testimonies however of minor side effects from wearing pieces of magnetic jewellery particularly magnetic bracelets. These side effects include suffering from warm or hot feeling.
The MTC is quick to argue that the warm or hot feeling is but synonymous to the after effect of a rigorous exercise which like the use of magnetic bracelets may increase circulation of blood that then leads to the process known as perfusion.

Even the slight dizziness and the tingling sensation attributed to wearing magnetic bracelets are deemed by the MTC as just effects of the increase in blood circulation. The MTC furthers that both dizziness and tingling sensation only last for a couple of days depending on when the body may adjust to the new degree of blood circulation.
Horror stories about different kinds of rashes growing on the skin of magnetic bracelets users have already been proliferated. The MTC points out that the rashes or redness on the skin which are developed by magnetic bracelets users are not akin to anaphylactic reaction. Nausea does not come with the rashes. The rashes and redness eventually subside. The MTC also adds that aside from cases of rashes and redness being rare, they may not be physiological results after all but psychological. Fear and insecurity when it comes to using magnets may be the culprit to the bursting of rashes and redness on a person’s skin.

Even with the ambivalence regarding the use of magnetic bracelets, it should be pointed out that magnet therapy in itself goes back to the ancient times. Several civilisations are known to have practiced magnet therapy. Recently, advancement in the field has been introduced in such countries as China, Japan, Germany, Australia, and India. Even the United States, Holland, Canada, and Great Britain are joining the bandwagon.

Since magnets are deemed to improve blood circulation, they therefore increase the nutrient carrying potential of our blood. It is a fact that blood circulation is essential in both health and disease. Toxins are reduced by increased blood circulation. It can also significantly reduce inflammation, calcium deposits, and lactic acid. Once the tissues detoxify, healing commences. Subjecting nerve fibres to a magnetic field is also knows to probably create endorphins which are considered to be the body’s natural pain killers.

Acupuncture as a field maintains that since magnets can stimulate certain pressure points especially on the wrist area, wearing magnetic bracelets may alleviate pain in the wrist or the hand. The acupressure points found in the wrist are those used in traditional acupuncture to address problems in the elbow, shoulder, and arm. These are also helpful in curing insomnia, headaches, problems with digestion, and even stress. Be sure to check out the kids id bracelet website.

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