The gun he to his head was an assault rifle rather than a shotgun. The rilfe is consideration to possess a magazine and and same shape being a assault rifle depicting an AK47 or perhaps an AR15 in the 1444 video. In the footage, Korbaley can be viewed having an assault rifle, that she held to his head before pulling the trigger. The man speaks in Russian making a mention of the a Russian ‘suicide meme’ and then squeezes the trigger, the shot is heard perfectly and you will also see the gruesome consequences from the shot. A shot may be heard and also the brutal consequences of the shot are observed. As it can ‘t be otherwise, the recording went viral after a now-deleted YouTube channel called GORE was published. In the recording, we can easily view a man called Gleb Korablev sitting on a sofa facing a painting pointing a rifle at his head.
The scary video shows a Russian man committing suicide which has a shotgun while looking at a sofa. The 17-second video shows a Russian man committing suicide as part of his home. Video 1444 can be a suicide video by Russian VK user Bleb Korablev who shot himself in the head which has a rifle within a live-stream on October 17, 2019. Here is everything we understand about it. On October 17, 2019, 18-year-old Moscow lyceum No. 654 student Gleb Korablev started a live-stream on Russian social media marketing network VK. The legend says that it was published over a YouTube channel at dawn on October 20, 2019, which hours later it turned out deleted. Believe it or not, the graphic video was go on YouTube for around three days before it finally got removed. I know the video is currently several days old and possesses been spoke with death. It received over 150,000 views in mere 3 days before YouTube took it down.
What exactly is Video 1444 on YouTube? People who choose to watch the recording get a unique warning: If they elect to watch it, they will be cursed. The video spread quickly because it incites users to click lacking the knowledge of exactly what they are going to see. Unfortunately, it was online for a specified duration for a large number of users to download and share it. But several social media users are actually sharing links for this disturbing footage without telling people exactly what is. It even located the stage where everyone was posting warnings on not watching the video. Several folks have seen “Video 1444” going swimming on social media or showing up on YouTube, but what the video entails is fairly graphic and beyond disturbing. Has anyone seen the entire sequence of video 1444? Being the beginning of the misfortune of people who have seen it. In order to break the curse, the playback quality will have to be answered while using date with the supposed suicide 17/10/2019 for example. But inside the 1444 link containing gone viral, it had been edited to merely show his last words and the actual suicide.
Keys words like “suicide” or “death” would’ve had it flagged and disassembled quicker. As to what is happening and what are you doing, it is not all fully known what had happened drive an automobile Korablev to suicide. The reason why Korablev committed suicide remains to be unknown. According to a Reddit user using the username Kurosagi8, the video was published around the Deep Web as well as the individual who commits suicide prepared everything and cursed everyone who saw it. The suicide video was quickly spread throughout various Russian VK groups and also Russian imageboard 2ch. Although the playback quality was pulled down from VK the now-deleted YouTube channel GORE reposted it with the title “1444”. The 17-second video appears to have been shared on sites and communities that publish highly graphical photos and videos generally known as Gore. For those who have the goal of watching the playback quality. The reality of video 1444? What do you think with the damn video 1444? Whatever the case, video 1444 shows us the new technological era is not exempt from the own curses or ghost stories, this can be the place is different.

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